Review: Moonshine Bandits "Whiskey And Women"

If the country music industry decided to hire some of their own to act as bouncers with the goal of keeping out the scourge of "pop" country, the first and only name on the list would probably be the hard-working, talented and extraordinarily intimidating "Moonshine Bandits." The only problem would be keeping the Moonshine Bandits away from the "Whiskey And Women," which is, unsurprisingly, the title of their very accomplished and entertaining new album.
The project begins with the country, hip-hop track "For The Outlawz" (featuring Colt Ford and Big B). The explicit song has a great beat and outstanding lyrics that will continue to roll around the brain long after the track ends. The sing-a-long cut "Whiskey River" is a classic country beer-drinking song with the Moonshine Bandits signature charm.

"Shine With Me" is a fast country track with shout-outs to groups as diverse as bloggers and juggalos - along with just about every other constituency in the 50 states, including campers, firemen, single moms and members of the armed forces. However, the melody is infectious and extraordinarily memorable.

The most surprising cut is "My Kind Of Country," which will actually warm the heart of any country boy or girl. "My Kind Of Country" shows the Moonshine Bandits as proud Americans who value the military service of their loved ones and respect the hard work of American men and women.

The Moonshine Bandits more hard-edged swagger continues on the dark "Whiskey In My Soul" (featuring Pruno). "Fire It Up" features Daddy X And The Dirtball Of Kottonmouth Kings, and it is a musical tour de force describing the joys of drinking, smoking and even trippin' over fans.

"Summer Girls" is cool, warm weather anthem, and "Whiskey And Cigarettes" (featuring Durwood Black) is also a worthy, radio-ready track. The hip-hop cut "Moonshine On Me" (featuring Danny Boone Of Rehab) is one of the best songs on the album and could find radio airplay as well.

The best production on the project is found on the mind-blowing "Get Loose" featuring Derrty D, which is pitch perfect in both production and performance, and the album ends with the equally pleasing "My Super Goggles" featuring Durwood Black.

Following their successful album "Divebars And Truckstops," the new project "Whiskey And Women" continues the high standards of the baddest guys in country music. What you see is what you get with the Moonshine Bandits, and that's a good thing because these guys offer a particularly satisfying plate of musical melodies that deserves to be lapped up faster than cold beer and hot dogs at July 4th picnic.