Review: The Greencards "The Brick Album"

Musical wunderkinds The Greencards have enchanted musicians like Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan so much that they invited the group to tour with them. Now, in their fourth studio project, "The Brick Album," The Greencards will once again wow the CD buying public with their brand of Americana/bluegrass/alt rock fusion that has led to a diverse and well-deserved following among young hipsters and older fans of traditional country.
Sam Bush is featured on the first song "Make It Out West," and the experimental cut is a satisfying musical experience. However, the album really amps up the country flavor with the quiet "Faded" and the intelligent lyrics of "Naked On The River." These two cuts ramp up the anticipation for the latin-infused country track "Heart Fixer" featuring country star Vince Gill.

However, it is the bluegrass instrumental tune "Adelaide" that emerges as the song with the best instrumentation on the entire album. The finest vocal on the project can be found on the radio-ready melodic gem "Loving You Is The Only Way To Fly." The production is top-notch, and the haunting lyrics are deeply satisfying.

"The Brick Album" is a creative musical journey that is elegantly layered - indeed, new elements will be discovered by listeners upon each successive listen. Needless to say, the Greencards will not exactly have to throw a brick in the window of the homes of Grammy voters to get them to notice that "The Brick Album" is the stuff that Grammy award-winning songs and albums are made of.