Album Review: Reckless Kelly "Good Luck & True Love"

Texas country aficionados rejoice, because the world's best Red Dirt band is bringing fans "Good Luck & True Love" with a new album. Reckless Kelly carefully planned every detail on the project, including one of the best CD packages of any country album this year.
Great cover art is important, but it's the music that matters most to Reckless Kelly, and the album begins with the mid-tempo, Red Dirt anthem "Give It A Try." However, the cut "Save Me From Myself" really kickstarts the album, and the song with the melodic chorus is certain to be another #1 hit for Reckless Kelly.

"Guarded Heart" is a classic country love song and features angst-ridden vocals and superb instrumentation. Indeed, it proves to be the perfect intro for the album's biggest surprise, the hard-rockin' "She Likes Money, He Likes Love," which will please concertgoers and radio program managers looking for an upbeat country hit.

The traditional track "Weatherbeated Soul" is another radio-ready cut, and the current single "Good Luck & True Love" is already well-known for its contemporary Texas country sound and sterling vocals. The stripped-down "I Never Liked St. Valentine" also deserves special mention because it offers half sung/half spoken interludes that surprisingly work.

However, the album's best track by a mile is the amazing "I Stayed Up All Night." From the contributions  of the band to the song's intense chorus along with classic country lyrics, "I Stayed Up All Night" is a new country music classic that deserves all of the accolades it will no doubt receive. The album ends with the breezy "New Moon Over Nashville" and the hard-edge "Hit The Ground Runnin'" which is a song every red-blooded American male will gobble up faster than peach pie at the Georgia State Fair.

"Good Luck & True Love" is one of the finest examples ever of a fully conceptualized album in the Red Dirt genre. With excellent packaging, song sequence, lyrics, vocals and instrumentation, this album should bring Reckless Kelly good fortune in the form of more fans, a new-found respect, some major radio hits and probably more than a few phone numbers from females who are taken in by the charm of these country soothesayers.