Album Review: Midnight River Choir "Welcome To Delirium"

The album "Freedom Wine" from Midnight River Choir impressed just about everyone who heard it, and now the fun-lovin' country boys are back with "Welcome To Delirium," which is just about as enjoyable as a 12:00 am river rafting trip - and, by the way, exactly where the group formed.
If Gavin DeGraw and Sunny Sweeney had a love child, he might sing a song like the first track "Mile Marker," which is breezy, radio-ready song that is extraordinarily memorable. However, the band's Red Dirt vibe is resurrected with the terrific "Arms Of A Stranger," that once again showcases the band's superb vocal harmony.

However, it is the quiet love song "Run Away From Me" that is the album's biggest surprise, and the tender, restrained vocals are pitch perfect. The Midnight River Choir manages to impress once again with the next cut, the bluesy rock "Take You With Me," which showcases the band's terrific instrumentation.

Traditional country does not escape the Midnight River Choir, and "My Friend" manages to embrace classic country while adding distinct Texas country elements. The smooth vocals continue on "Soul Food," but it is "Seven Sundays" that might prove to be the biggest radio hit of the album with a sound reminiscent of the best country rock bands. Likewise, the best song was saved for last with the inspiring "Church Of The Midnight Moon," which manages to be the right punctuation mark for the project.

"Welcome To Delirium" is a polished and accomplished album that will increase the buzz and critical acclaim for the Midnight River Choir. Indeed, "delirium" - defined broadly severe sudden confusion and rapid changes - proved to be the perfect word for the title, because the diverse album will be driving imitators and competing bands absolutely crazy.