Album Review: Micky And The Motorcars "Raise My Glass"

The sixth album is the charm for the hardworking Micky And The Motorcars who don't disappoint with the eleven new cuts on the beer and whiskey-drinking celebration titled "Raise My Glass," which takes listeners on a rollicking Texas nightlife adventure that might leave you still feeling the fun in the morning.

The album begins with the title track "Raise My Glass," which is a classic Red Dirt cut that fires on all cylinders. However, the next song is somewhat of a surprise. "A Thousand Tears" starts off with a new sound for Micky & The Motorcars and slowly builds to a rousing crescendo.

The album's first single "Any Longer Any More" has a soaring melody and offers a tight vocal performance. It is followed by the album's biggest surprise - the tender love song "How Far I'll Go." The intense vocals and superb instrumentation allow the listener to clearly consider the thought provoking lyrics.

"Far From You" highlights the best musical elements of Micky And the Motorcars, but it is the cowboy song "Never Been Out West" which emerges as the album's best track. The sound is new and fresh mixed with classic cowboy country elements and hints of Red Dirt.

The anthemic "Big Casino" deserves to win Micky & The Motorcars hundreds of high-paying casino gigs, and it is a radio-ready cut that could be a Number One hit for the band. The project ends with the insanely memorable "Faded And Gone" and the quiet "St. Lucy's Eyes," which is somewhat of a musical departure for Micky And The Motorcars.

"Raise My Glass" is a full-bodied and rich piece of Red Dirt music that will have you and yours dancing on top of the bar in some parts and thinking about the girl/boy that got away in other songs. It is this relatable and stirring music that will hopefully drive these honest and talented country boys from the 6th album all the way through the 16th. So, tonight, let's all raise our glasses and offer a toast to the continued good health and inspired music of Micky, Gary, Kris and Mark.