Review: Ted Russell Kamp "Get Back To The Land"

Some musicians have the ability to transform seemingly simple lyrics into a powerful force that sends heartache packing. Ted Russell Kamp is one such artist that manages to channel his working class roots into his new project "Get Back To The Land."
The album begins with the radio-ready "California Wildflower" that is immensely memorable, and the charismatic artist sells the song with every ounce of his being while maintaining his laid-back demeanor. The pace increases on the old-school, rock inspired "If I Had A Dollar."

However, Kamp manages to successfully marry the best elements of rock and country on the melodic "Lonelytown," which should draw excitement from radio program directors in multiple genres. The most surprising track on the album is the hard-edged "God's Little Acre" and the quiet "(Down At The) 7th Heaven," which allows Ted Russell Kamp to showcase a pitch-perfect vocal performance.

"Georgia Blue" shows another side of Kamp and puts his clear, soulful voice on full display with piercing lyrics and a memorable vocal performance. The rousing "Right Has Rain" has much of the same charm. However, the best chance for a country radio chart hit is the toe-tapping "Half-Hearted," which should be released as a single to Red Dirt and mainstream country radio. The achingly beautiful final track "Bottles On The Table" might also find some willing takers on radio playlists as well.

"Get Back To The Land" showcases the oddly endearing coarseness of artist Ted Russell Kamp that challenges listeners to carefully examine both the musicality and lyrical flourishes of each song. Indeed, Kamp seems to understand that musical passion is just as essential as great songs and a beautiful vocal instrument. Lucky for us that Ted Russell Kamp has all three.