Review: Shelly Rann "Afterwords"

Life isn't fair. That's what competing female country singers must think when they see and hear Shelly Rann perform for the first time. The talented singer-songwriter has a pure country voice that other singers can only dream about, and she puts her talent on full display with the new album "Afterwords."
The first cut "Lotta Love" is both sultry and smooth and showcases Rann's amazing voice. However, the title track "Afterwords" is even better, and the ballad is a beautiful representation of contemporary country music that can be enjoyed by hardcore country fans and mainstream audiences as well.

The upbeat "I'm All Over That" may be Rann's best chance for country radio chart hit, and the melodic chorus is both memorable and hummable. By far the best song on the album is the pleading "Unloved," which offers an authentic vocal performance by Shelly Rann and is later revisited at the end of the album.

The traditional country track "Like There's No Yesterday" is no doubt a popular live concert favorite, but it is the soulful "Somebody Else's Business" which is the album's biggest surprise and shows the artist's playful side. This barn burner is a smile-inducing charmer.

The 12 tracks that make up "Afterwords" show an artist that has the talent to make it to the top of the country music business. The key to success for Shelly Rann is finding the perfect song that will take her to the top, and the evidence presented here suggests that this is one artist who just might do it.