Review: Neil Getz "Factory Second"

Debut albums rarely sound as sweet as "Factory Seconds" from the feisty and down-home Neil Getz, who has a natural musical gift mixed with perky charisma. Indeed, this is one top quality 'second' filled with folksy musical treats.
The album begins with "Bad Case Of Passion," which offers Queen-like harmonies mixed with intriguing lyrics. The title track "Factory Second" is a top-notch folk/Americana track that fires on all cylinders, and the song's melody hits the musical sweet spot.

The laid-back "Heart So Steady" provides a winning musical moment, but it is the country cut "Not In Love, Just Falling" that is the most smile-inducing track on the album. Radio program directors should also take notice.

Discussion of women is prominent on the album, and "Jenny Lee" is probably the album's biggest surprise. Getz offers a nuanced vocal performance that works. Likewise, the artist sings with unbridled passion on "Oh, Delilah."

However, the best two songs on the album are saved for last. The darkly intense "Flock Of Demons" builds to a rousing chorus amid tempo changes that provide both texture and substance to the track. The final song "Nelly Blye" is a triumph of the highest order and has the best chance for folk, country and Americana radio chart success.

"Factory Second" from Neil Getz is a remarkably well-intentioned album that blends musical influences acquired over a lifetime. Any fan of American music should run - not walk - to purchase the CD, which also boasts beautiful packaging and cover art that provides the perfect frame for a debut album of the highest quality. Forget what the title says, there are definitely no seconds in this factory.