Review: Louisa Branscomb "I'll Take Love"

Bluegrass songwriting diva Louisa Branscomb has a smokin' pen that has fired off more than 90 recorded bluegrass and acoustic songs. Indeed, Branscomb's unique gift is once again on full display with her 9th project "I'll Take Over," which showcases the world's best bluegrass singers and musicians taking on Branscomb's powerful songs.
The album begins with Claire Lynch and Jim Hurst's rendition of "I'm Gonna Love You." Branscomb's lyrics sparkle, and Lynch has never sounded better. However, the album's best track is the upbeat "Wearin' The Blues" from Josh Williams with Dave Peterson. The accomplished instrumentation and confident vocals will fill the heart with joy.

The quiet "Your Amazing Grace" from Claire Lynch with Jim Hurst has a quiet intensity that slowly simmers to a melodic chorus. The retro-cool "State Line" from Dave Peterson with John Cowan is also a toe tapping delight.

The gospel-tinged "This Side Of Heaven" from Sharon White with Cheryl White and Buck White is better than peach pie at the church picnic, and the Whites also have a sterling musical moment on "That's What Texas Was For."

"I'll Take Love" proves that the "Steel Rails" songwriter is in top form. In fact, any betting man or woman would be smart to believe that the best music of Louisa Branscomb is still to come.