Review: Kevin Deal "Seven"

A clear, authentic Texas country voice and hard-driving lyrics are the most important factors that make Kevin Deal's new album "Seven" such an unqualified success.
The album begins with the outlaw country track "200 Cops" which has a dark storyline and superb instrumentation. Kevin Deal's music speaks most sincerely to the blue collar crowd - hard working men and women who know what it's like to struggle to make ends meet. The melodic "Behind The Shield" is a poignant tribute to some of our hardest working public servants.

The hard-rockin' "Cactus Flower" mixes Red Dirt and southern rock with great success, but it is the Americana cut "Guard My Heart" that is the album's biggest surprise. Deal showcases his tender side in a cut with a memorable melody and pitch-perfect vocals. Americana and roots radio program managers should take notice of "Guard My Heart." The current single "If You Hurt The Ones You Love" has much of the same charm.

Produced by famed Texas country veteran Lloyd Maines, the production of the album "Seven" is stellar. Deal offers a more gritty vocal style with "The King Has No Clothes," and the artist wisely decides to return to the theme of working men and women with the album's best cut "Working Man," which has a cool Chris Knight meets Kris Kristofferson vibe.

"Seven" is an album that any red blooded Texan can find a reason to like, and Kevin Deal doesn't need the luck of the number seven for this album to become a new Red Dirt classic.