Review: Jesse And Noah "Landfall"

Country and rock mix together better than Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola on the completely self-produced album "Landfall" from country rockers Jesse And Noah.
Brothers Jesse and Noah Bellamy (yes, their dad, David, is one of those Bellamys) were born and bred on a ranch in the South that formed both their work ethic and their love of music. The brothers' craft was more firmly cemented when they converted a hay-barn into a music studio.

The album begins with the rock-infused "Tow Truck" and is followed by the charming country cut "Tryin' To Keep It Real." This song has the potential for radio chart success as does the grittier "Waiting On An Echo."

The song "Buried In Blue Jeans" penned by Jesse Bellamy screams for a new arrangement. With the right instrumentation and vocals, this cut could be a major country chart hit. An artist like Trace Adkins or Blake Shelton could take this song to Number One. However, the musical arrangement of "Crackerjack Heart" is simply perfect and fits the Bellamy boys "to a tee" as the idiom goes.

The title track "Landfall" is a song that offers elements reminiscent of a mixture of traditional and modern country. "Dirty With A Southern Drawl" offers the harder-edge instrumentation and vocal performance that would have benefited "Buried In Blue Jeans." However, Jesse And Noah are most successful on songs that illustrate their melodic brotherly harmony, such as "Sunny Weather With You." This is a radio-ready track that program directors should carefully examine. "Won't Give In" has much of the same charm and slowly builds to a powerful and moving chorus.

"Landfall" is a creative and wonderful representation of the hard work of two intellectually interested artists with considerable talent. Jesse And Noah may not know it yet, but their paring is musical gold when they mix their golden instruments as one. If they manage to warmly embrace this element, Jesse and Noah could easily become a chart-topping and potent musical force of nature.