Review: Jed Dunkin "Dixie To Detroit City"

If suave seduction and subtle melodies are your favorite country music elements, then stay far, far away from the first two tracks of Jed Dunkin's new album "Dixie To Detroit City." You see, the imposing, never-bashful Dunkin is a brash bucket of country music fun that is destined to delight fans of Waylon and Willie while disappointing supporters of Gloriana and Jewel. That's a good thing.
The 8-song album begins with the hard-driving "Dixie To Detroit City" that is passionately performed. The more traditional sing-a-long track "Family BBQ" is like mustard potato salad at a church picnic - a little bit tart at first but smooth and sweet going down.

Jed Dunkin manages to show his gospel side with the terrific "Waltz Across Heaven." Likewise, "Daddy's Song" and Come On Home" should be favorites with country gospel fans as well. The final track "Wouldn't Change This" shows another side of Jed Dunkin and proves that the singer could find a home on mainstream country radio.

"Dixie To Detroit City" shows an artist who is only beginning to come to terms with his considerable talent. Certainly, Dunkin's strength is his rough and ready music which starts the album, and if his next album can channel all of his energy and songwriting talents to create 10 or 12 songs like the first two, Jed Dunkin has a real chance for a Top 10 record on the country chart.