Review: Jackson Taylor & The Sinners "Let The Bad Times Roll"

If Red Dirt music had a "Storyteller-in-Chief" the most obvious candidate would be rule-breaking singer-songwriter Jackson Taylor, who along with his friends The Sinners are happy to "Let The Bad Times Roll" on their new album of the same name. However, listeners will soon discover that there are actually many good times to be had on this hard rockin' album which comes complete with a parental advisory sticker that is somewhat of a rarity in the Texas music genre.
The ten songs on "Let The Bad Times Roll" start off with the uncompromising track "Old Henry Rifle," which highlights the frustrations of hard working country men and women across the country who are directly affected by the economic downturn and distrust bankers and politicians. The next track "No Show" offers an updated take on traditional country for which Jackson Taylor is well-renowned.

No doubt Jackson Taylor & The Sinners have experience with women who like "The Boys In The Band." This cut is destined to be a concert favorite as is the punk and southern rock-influenced track "Ain't No God In Mexico." The cut "Better Life" is a hummable anthem that could become a radio chart hit.

The title track "Let The Bad Times Roll" oozes country music charm, and the song is a sublime mixture of the best elements of traditional country and Red Dirt. The final track "Almost Persuaded" is a live cut that is the best advertisement for a Jackson Taylor & The Sinners concert that could ever be imagined.

"Let The Bad Times Roll" is a well-rounded country music gem that deserves a place in the music collection of any fan of authentic American music. Bad times have never sounded so good.