Review: J. Collins "Green Means Go"

Country musicians don't come more authentic than J Collins, who looks and sounds every bit like a country star for the 2010s. However, there's nothing pretentious or subtle about his new album "Green Means Go," and that's a major compliment.
As a singer-songwriter, J Collins is top notch, and he proves it with the terrific "Party Our Hats Off," which deserves to find airplay from radio program directors in multiple country genres. The title track "Green Means Go" is a rollicking good time that illustrates J Collins' raw vocal talent. This cut also serves as a convincing showcase of Collins' songwriting talent.

The laid-back "Dying From Livin'" is a well-produced musical gem that could also excite country radio. A perky and memorable chorus that slowly builds to a pulsating crescendo along with pleasing female guest vocals from Loriann adds to the pleasurable experience.

"Outta My League" is a classic country track about guys and girls that is highly marketable in country music. The final track "Still Young" illustrates a more traditional country sound that is authentic and entertaining.

With J Collins, what you see is what you get - except for the fact that you actually have to unwrap his CD  to see an actual picture of Collins and read his heartfelt biography in the form of a letter to fans. But "Green Means Go" should be a calling card that should jump-start the career of the aspiring country musician who is a radio ready country music star in the making.

J Collins looks like a country star, sounds like a country star and writes songs about topics relevant to country men and women of today. If there's any fairness left in Nashville, this album should green-light his career to 'go.'