Review: Hunter McKithan & The Offenders "Not Broken Yet"

As the saying goes... if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Red Dirt music's best brain-for-hire Hunter McKithan and his friends The Offenders have chosen to do just that with their pulsating new album "Not Broken Yet."
The album begins with the title track "Not Broken Yet" that mixes Texas country with subtle rock elements reminiscent of Maroon 5 that surprisingly work. It is followed by the bluesy "Haight Street Blues" which offers a pitch-perfect vocal performance and tight lyrics.

The deliciously slinky "Dirty Little War" is a radio-ready country gem that deserves to be released as a single to country radio. The slow-burning "Wasted Day" is a satisfying musical treat that will please concertgoers, but it is the hard rockin' "Elevator" that surprises the most. Hunter McKithan & The Offenders have emerged as a musical force on the Red Dirt scene, and this cut conclusively proves it to any doubters.

The stripped-down "Dynamite" showcases McKithan's raw vocal talent, and the best song on the entire 13 song album is saved for last with the passionately-performed "Quarters."

"Not Broken Yet" is a triumph of the highest order for Hunter McKithan and The Offenders. So, country men and women, get out your duct tape and wrap these country boys up so tightly that this perfectly formed musical marriage will be around for another six albums or so.