Review: Hudson Moore "Fireworks"

The title of Hudson Moore's new album "Fireworks" is entirely fitting, because this artist's career is starting to light up like a firecracker. Indeed, the twenty-something Fort Worth singer-songwriter should be applauded for creating such an accomplished 11 song album.
The project begins with the laid-back title track "Fireworks," which offers a story-in-song reminiscent of the best work of current young country artists. However, Moore really hits the musical sweet spot with the terrific "When I'm With You" which has a cool Mat Kearney meets the Randy Rogers Band vibe. "Not Giving Up" has much of the same charm.

Moore offers his most confident vocal performance on "Keep On Moving" where he delivers a sharp sound with emotional impact that includes gospel-style backing vocals. The biggest surprise of the album is Moore's move into Jason Mraz territory with the bluesy "My Baby." However, his voice is better suited to the sprightly "Life's Lullably," which is a musical feast for the ears.

The best track on the album is the Red Dirt anthem "Blind," which offers an emphatic vocal performance that is pitch perfect. This is the type of music Hudson Moore was born to make and would have been a great choice for the album's first cut.

Moore's current hit single "Cloudy Day" is another contemporary country/pop track that showcases Moore's easy-going personality and strong songwriting talent. The final track "Take You Home" is a radio ready treat that has a sparkling melody and charming lyrics.

Hudson Moore is definitely ready for prime time, and the University of Texas radio, television and film student has proved it in a big way with "Fireworks."