Review: Diana Jones "High Atmosphere"

Musician and portrait artist Diana Jones has a unique voice that could pierce the hardest of hearts. Indeed, the singer-songwriter's new album "High Atmosphere" offers a soulful jolt of folk that beautifully showcases her masterful lyrics.
The album begins with the bluegrass-tinged "High Atmosphere" and is followed by the project's best cut "I Don't Know." This song offers sincere lyrics and lush instrumentation that encapsulates the listener in musical bliss.

The easy-going "Sister" shows that Diana Jones is comfortable in her skin, and the sparse "Little Lamb" showcases the artist's considerable charm. The biggest surprise of the album is the bouncy and witty "Poverty," which deserves to be an Americana and Roots radio chart hit.

The hauntingly beautiful "My Love Is Gone" tugs at the heartstrings along with "Don't Forget Me" and "Funeral Singer." Like the track "Poverty," Jones adds an upbeat tempo to focus attention on a serious issue with "Motherless Children," and she does it with great success that is especially poignant in these serious times of tsunamis, tornadoes, starvation and war.

Nashville singer-songwriter Diana Jones soars to new heights with her third album "High Atmosphere." Part of the success of the project is due to the careful vocal performance of Jones combined with lyrics that challenge the mind and fully inhabit the soul. Bravo, folk princess, bravo.