Review: Amanda Nagurney "So Full Of Country"

Full of life, confidence, and country charm is the best way to describe Buffalo, New York native Amanda Nagurney on her sophomore album "So Full Of Country." And this is one country girl who knows how to market her music after having opened for Sara Evans, Gretchen Wilson, Jason Michael Carroll, Travis Tritt and Justin Moore all in the space of 12 months.
"So Full Of Country" was actually released in early 2010, but the album is getting a renewed push because of the attention the aspiring country star has recently received, and the project begins with the Sara Evans-esque "Just Me & The Road." Nagurney has raw vocal talent, and the melody is sung with ease.

"Gone Fishin'" showcases the best elements of  Amanda Nagurney, and her powerful vocals are well-suited for the hummable melody, but the biggest surprise is the synth-styling found on "White Dress." Nagurney has a powerful musical moment on this track that mixes pop and country, and the singer-songwriter co-wrote the song. This is the style of music Amanda Nagurney should be making and would appeal to the Taylor Swift generation. "Across The USA" also provides the artist with another proud musical moment.

The self-penned tracks "I'm A Country Girl" and "Gettin' Out Of This Town" are terrific songs that scream for new arrangements. The lyrics of both songs are solid country radio gold, but the retro-country arrangements let the lyrics and melody down. With a bold new contemporary country arrangement (think Carrie Underwood) and maybe a slightly more melodic chorus for each, the songs could be mainstream country top 10 hits for either Nagurney or another up-and coming-artist.

Amanda Nagurney is a talented singer-songwriter who has a beautiful voice and an even more impressive gift for songwriting that is on full display in "So Full Of Country." With just a little bit more hard work, the songs of Amanda Nagurney will most certainly be riding high in the country music charts.