Review: Danielle Car "Danielle Car: The EP"

Mix a little Shania Twain with some Motown attitude and you have Danielle Car - a Detroit native with style and talent. In her new project "Danielle Car: The EP," the songstress showcases the talent that has taken her through more than 900 shows in the Motor City.
The EP begins with the brilliant cut "Walk Of Shame," which deserves to be a country chart hit. The first cut, which is also the EP's first single, illustrates the potential of Car as a country vocalist. Radio program managers should take notice of "Walk Of Shame."

The next track, "Drive My Car," has a cool Alannah Myles meets Lee Ann Womack vibe, and "Biggest Mistake" highlights the softer side of Car. However, the last two cuts on the EP are actually the most authentic of the entire project. "Hazard To My Health" offers a confident vocal performance, and "Pretty Please" is the best song on the EP. "Pretty Please" has a Texas country/Red Dirt edge that could find a comfortable spot on the Texas country charts, and the song is the EP's best chance for a breakout country chart hit. Indeed, the chorus is memorable and hits the musical "sweet spot."

Danielle Car definitely deserves a long music career, but she is in a unique position because her talent could take her in many directions. With a little luck, it could land her on the top of the country chart if "Walk Of Shame" and "Pretty Please" are any indication of what an entire Danielle Car album would be like. OK, Danielle, how about a whole CD in the near future... pretty please?