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Album Review: Mike Runnels "The Tender Years"

Mike Runnels never fails to impress with his understated country music vocals. And Runnels' new album, "The Tender Years," continues his tradition of country music excellence with ten tracks that impress on all levels.
The album begins with the melodic "Cheatin' Side Of Town" which deserves country radio attention. The equally pleasing "We'll Find A Way" is also a toe-tapping delight.

However, Mike Runnels shines on slow ballads like "Last Date" and "Now You Know." The Roy Orbison-esque "Just Say So Baby" is Mike Runnels' shining moment on the album. It oozes easy-going musical confidence and could warm the hardest of hearts.

Mike Runnels channels an alt-country vibe with "Sweetheart." Likewise, "I Love You More" has a cool Dwight Yoakam meets Hank Williams sound that works. "Do You Feel The Same" and "Fourteen Karat Gold" are also solid efforts.

One of the best perform…

Album Review: Anne McCue "Broken Promise Land"

The closing track of Anne McCue's stellar new album explains the artist in a nutshell: "Rock N' Roll Outlaw." But that seemingly simplistic title doesn't completely do justice to McCue's new, 10 track album, "Broken Promise Land." That's because she shows vulnerability and musical passion in a hard-edge package that is irresistible to the ears. In short, Anne McCue deserves to be a roots rock superstar.
The first track "Don't Go To Texas (Without Me)" is a radio friendly gem that glides as naturally as your favorite pair of sneakers. "Ol' Black Sky" ventures into a darker, more ethereal place reminiscent of the best music of Alannah Myles. "Cruisin' Paradise (Tenerife)" and "God's Home Number" are also bluesy pleasure points.

McCue's roots rock edge returns with "Lonesome Child." The instrumentation and lyrics on the track deserve special mention for setting the perfect mood …