Review: Kyle Park "Fall 2010" EP

Other Texas country stars must secretly dislike Kyle Park. You see, crafting the perfect country melody is hard work. The problem for them is that Kyle Park makes it look easy. To make things worse, Park is constantly reminding them how good he is by releasing a new EP every three months.
The EP begins with the heartbreak track "All Night," written by Park and Ben Clark. While the lyrics are sad, the track is insanely hummable. The next track "The Heart Of You" treads more familiar territory, and the song is carefully paced and builds to a toe-tapping chorus.

"I Think You're In Love" is the EP's biggest surprise, because it deftly blends traditional country with an easy going Texas country swagger. "Whatever It Takes" is a departure for Kyle Park and offers a smorgasbord of musical influences, including some latin flavor.

However, the best track was saved for last. The deeply personal "Overboard (It's Over)" is a beautiful, understated cut that reaches deep into the soul of Kyle Park and tugs at the heartstrings of listeners who have suffered a break-up.

"Fall 2010" will leave you wishing for winter, which will hopefully bring another EP from Kyle Park. However, while you're waiting, go ahead and reward Kyle Park for his hard work by downloading "Fall 2010". Artists that work as hard as this country boy deserve the full support of Red Dirt fans.