Single Review: Bruce Robison "Heartache To Houston"

A new Bruce Robison single always brings a smile to the face of radio program directors. The Bandera, Texas native has a reputation of solid country music standards. "Heartache To Houston" is no exception, and it's another winner for Bruce Robison.
"Heartache To Houston" starts out as a quiet love song and slowly builds to a comfortable beat that is well suited to Robison's reassuring country voice. The track was written by Robison, Miles Zuniga, and Gary Massey. Zuniga also produced the cut.

As always, the vocals are impeccable, and the instrumentation is top notch. At its root, the song is a beautiful goodbye message to the woman he loves, and the fine lyrics deserve special attention. However, Bruce Robison's vocal interpretation elevates the song to an even higher level. He is a storyteller, and we're his anxious students. But we already know that because of songs like "Travelin' Soldier."

"Heartache To Houston" belongs on the country music playlists of mainstream and Texas country radio stations. The only problem is that it's hard to get upset about heartbreak when it sounds this darn good.