Album Review: Gary P. Nunn "Taking Texas To The Country"

Finding an album that a grandson, father and grandfather can enjoy together on a hunting or fishing trip is almost impossible. However, Gary P. Nunn has done it. He's crafted a near perfect Texas country album with "Taking Texas To The Country." It offers a cool Texas country vibe mixed with traditional country sensibilities.
The album begins with the melodic "Deja Vu" which allows listeners to step back in time and think of simpler days. It's followed by the Texas country track "The Girl Just Loves To Dance," which deserves to be at the top of the country charts. Gary P. Nunn's vocals have never sounded better.

The honky-tonk track "A Two-Step Away" proves that Nunn knows where his bread is buttered. Country bar patrons will slurp up this track faster than Corona on a Saturday night. The love song "Denver" shows the singer's more sensitive side, and the cut builds to a rousing chorus. "It's Not Love" is a more upbeat country love song with a funky beat.

Gary P. Nunn really shines with classic country songs like "The Likes Of Me" and "One State Of Mind."  However, the biggest surprise on the album is the title track "Taking Texas To The County." This is a robust, full flavored country hit that will have you dancing between the tables. It is destined to be a crowd favorite and deserves to be a Number One Country Chart hit. The album ends on a high note with the reflective "The Rest Of My Life."

Other songs on the album include the high energy "Down To Louisiana," the beautiful "Mexican Boulevard," the classic country "I'm Not That Kind Of Guy" and the cowboy song "Lonesome Lone Star Blues."

Gary P. Nunn should receive high praise and thanks for creating 13 diverse songs that stir the soul. He's definitely taken Texas down a country path. All artists should try to emulate his fine example, and every country fan should download or buy this new country classic.