Review: Kyle Park "Spring 2010" EP

Let's face it, the music industry is rough these days. However, Kyle Park is nobody's fool, and his new EP "Spring 2010" proves it. In fact, Kyle Park's unassuming country grin belies the fact that he is probably one of the smartest good ol' boys on the Red Dirt music scene.
You see, Kyle Park is releasing several EPs over the next year to let fans vote on which cuts will make his new album to be released in 2011. It's a brilliant move, because fans get a voice and a constant stream of new music. Indeed, Kyle Park is forging a new path in Texas country that is likely to be replicated by others.

The "Spring 2010" EP begins with the country ballad "I'm Missing You." The lyrics travel familiar country ground with a fresh perspective that builds to a rousing chorus. The rockin' "Prove It To You" is Texas country through and through. This cut will rock the rafters in Kyle Park concerts and should prove to be a fan favorite.

However, the best tracks are saved for last on the EP. "Just A Fake Smile" shows Kyle Park's wickedly ironic sense of humor. This song is destined for the country charts, and the lyrics will remain ingrained in the memories of listeners for months (or years...) to come.

"Any Day Or Night" may be Kyle Park's best chance for a mainstream country chart hit. The instrumentation is pure country music perfection, and Park's vocals have never sounded better. The cut tugs at the heartstrings, and the song is one of the strongest ballads Kyle Park has ever recorded. In short, "Any Day Or Night" is a major Texas music triumph.

Kyle Park's "Spring 2010" deserves major fan support for a Red Dirt artist that continues to showcase innovative and rockin' country music that is impossible to ignore. Now, it's up to the voters, but a good case could be made for all four terrific tracks. Keep 'em coming, Kyle.