Review: Jay Hart "Breaking Down In The B-Town EP"

Jay Hart is a name that country music aficionados should remember. On "Breaking Down In The B-Town EP," he has the musical sensibilities of Ryan Adams and the pleasing vocal tone of James Blunt. He's also traveled the world with acts as diverse as Spiritualized and Billy Jo Spears. Likewise, he's played Glastonbury and the Viper Room. And, oh yeah, he's British.
In country music, geography matters, but listeners should not hold that against Jay Hart. The first cut, "Time On Our Hands," shows an earnest alt-country singer baring his soul. The production is stellar, and Jay Hart gives a winning vocal performance.

"What's Wrong" mixes guitar rock with today's country. Think Matt Nathanson meets Keith Urban. But it works on all levels. Jay Hart has a compelling vocal presence that draws in the listener. The vocal power is reminiscent of Stereophonics lead-singer Kelly Jones.

The country quotient rises with "Spending Time Wasting Time." Hart's lyrics talk about classic themes of country music, and the instrumentation will pull in country fans of all ages. The bluesy "Inside And Out" might appeal most to college-age crowds that will no doubt turn out in vast numbers for this rising singer-songwriter.

Jay Hart is a unique artist who has crafted thought provoking tracks that bridge the gap between country and alt-country while still being easily digestible for pop audiences. In short, Jay Hart is an artist to watch. Indeed, music fans on both sides of the Atlantic may soon be "breaking down" to Jay Hart's radio chart success.