Album Review: RayTaylorSounds "Country Birthday Song Album" Featuring Cal Baker & Rachael Williams With Songs By Ray Taylor

As a student of popular music while growing up in the San Francisco area, Ray Taylor attended concerts at the famous Fillmore Auditorium and was trained in classical music. As he progressed through life as a songwriter, Ray Taylor discovered country music. It's a good thing, because "Country Birthday Song Album" is proof that his decision to "turn country" was a smart one.
The album begins on an upbeat note with the terrific "What Can I Do" performed by Rachael Williams. She sings Taylor's authentic country lyrics with conviction. Close your eyes, and you'll think you're at the Grand Ole Opry.

However, the main attraction on the album is the title cut: "Country Birthday Song." Cal Baker has a soothing country voice with a laid-back style that showcases Ray Taylor's music to its fullest. The album offers a female version of the song by Rachael Williams as a bonus cut, and her performance offers the song from a new perspective that works.

Baker gives a tender performance with "Loving Bev." It is a touching tribute that any woman would be flattered to receive. Baker also offers a traditional country and western performance on the cowboy song "My Sweet Texas Bed."

The biggest surprise on the album is "Designer Girl." In fact, this song could find a willing radio audience, and program managers should consider this track for their playlists.

Ray Taylor's songs are performed with conviction and ease by two accomplished singers who understand and properly interpret Taylor's lyrics. Indeed, anybody having a birthday should have a copy of "Country Birthday Song Album."