Album Review: Bart Crow Band "Heartworn Tragedy"

Whether in concert or on recorded tracks, the Bart Crow Band never, ever disappoints. The band's new album "Heartworn Tragedy" is no exception. Indeed, the project supplies more hard-edge Texas country than any Red Dirt fan could possibly desire.
The album begins with the rockin' title track "Heartworn Tragedy." The heavy lyrics pulsate with intensity, and Bart Crow's vocals have never sounded better. However, the tone of the album softens with the melodic "Saying Goodbye" which has already been warmly embraced by radio.

The hard pumping Red Dirt love song "Traded It All For Love" showcases the best elements of the Bart Crow Band, which include Paul Russell, Matt Slagle, David Fralin, Brian Smith, and, of course, Bart Crow.

The best cut on "Heartworn Tragedy" is the reflective "Run With The Devil." The sincere lyrics and memorable hook draw in the listener and paint a vivid picture of the hardly-seen sensitive side of the Bart Crow Band.

Texas rock is more than adequately represented with "Shadow Dancer" and the anthem "Should've Stayed Away" which has a great melodic hook. Likewise, "Rock 'N Roll Dreamer" is a love song about a country singer longing for his mate. This tender country love song will be a favorite with female fans.

The Bart Crow Band's "Broken" might be the best Wade Bowen song that Wade never recorded, and it could also have country chart potential. The low key "Satisfied Heart" has a successful Red Dirt vibe that should win new fans for the Bart Crow Band. And the album ends on a major high with the terrific Texas track "Surrender." The chorus ebbs and flows as comfortably as any Texas track released in the last 12 months.

Within the course of 10 songs, the Bart Crow Band lays bare personal and family tragedies of the past. Somewhere along the way, tragedy turns to triumph.