Review: Tom Gillam "Had Enough"

Tom Gillam may not have always been a resident of Austin, but "Had Enough" proves that the move to Texas suits him just fine. In fact, the newly clean and sober Tom Gillam has never sounded better.
The album starts off strong with the anthemic "Real Thing." Tom Gillam is known as a master of Americana music, and "Real Thing" shows his skill in mixing Americana with Red Dirt. The reflective "Ready To Begin" seems to echo the feelings Gillam must have been having after a health issue briefly sidetracked him in 2005. These songs are deep and personal, and the lyrics are sung with conviction.

"Weary Game" has a cool Tom Petty meets Chris Knight vibe, and "Tear In The Rain" has an alt-country sound. But the best song on the album is "(When You) Come Around." The sincerity of the performance and penetrating lyrics make this track stand above all others. Plus the chorus is memorable and heart-wrenchingly intense.

The bluesy "Ride" oozes country soul goodness, and the instrumentation is superb. However, the title track "Had Enough" is the best example of pure bluesy Americana on the album. "I've had enough of all this crazy stuff," Gillam sings.

The hardest rockin' cut is "She Was A Dancer..." Gillam's performance is so passionate that it's obvious this track is drawn from personal experience. "Million Miles Away" offers the best Don Henley song Don Henley never recorded. That's a major compliment.

The laid-back "Nothing" has a familiar story with an infectious musical background. But the biggest surprise on the album is the final track "Good Morning" featuring Gillam's pure vocals and an amazing guitar solo. Producer Joe Carroll deserves special mention for his work on the album as well.

Tom Gillam's new album "Had Enough" from Smith Music is 48 minutes of pure music heaven. Gillam's musical genius has even grown stronger over the years, and his hard work has paid off with eleven songs that leap off the stereo to find a place in your heart.