Review: Great American Taxi "Reckless Habits"

Fans of blues-infused Americana have reason to celebrate. Great American Taxi is back with "Reckless Habits," and this project will charm, enchant and inspire even the most hardened soul. Indeed, "Reckless Habits" is a feast for the ears that will be eaten up faster than peach cobbler at a church picnic.
The album begins with the superb "One Of These Days." Frontman Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon) offers a laid-back and confident vocal performance chock full of country goodness with a little New Orleans swagger. "New Millennium Blues" picks up the pace with a unique alt-country sensibility.

The biggest chance for a huge radio hit is "Get No Better." Concertgoers will be singing along at every appearance, and radio should take notice of this simple, but sparkling cut. A similarly infectious tune is the upbeat "Fuzzy Little Hippy Girl." It's impossible not to sing along with this track, and that's why Great American Taxi is one of the best-known bands on the jam circuit. "Albuquerque, NM" and "Good Night To Boogie" also deserve to be fan favorites.

The best song on the album is the reflective "New Madrid." The heart and soul of the band is on full display in a Grammy-worthy vocal performance. "New Madrid" crosses the boundaries of musical genres and can be equally enjoyed by fans of rock, pop, country or Americana. The lyrics show a new, vulnerable side of Great American Taxi with a richly understated vocal and instrumental performance. "Cold Lonely Town" has many of the same positive qualities.

Country and bluegrass radio may have a potential hit with the terrific "Unpromised Land," but the big surprise of the album is the instrumental cut, "Big Sandy River." Great American Taxi's instrumentation has never sounded better.

The title track "Reckless Habits" is a toe-tapping, traditional country tune, but "American Beauty" and "Tough Job" also do a good job of plowing traditional country ground.

It seems fitting that the album "Reckless Habits" ends with the instrumental track "Parade." An album this good is certainly worthy of something spectacular - so why not a parade? Seriously, Great American Taxi has put its talent to good use. In fact, fans around the world should be prepared to get hooked on "Reckless Habits."