Review: Eleven Hundred Springs "This Crazy Life" (Smith Music)

Eleven Hundred Springs set the country music world on fire with "Country Jam." Since then, the traditional country band has been working hard on "This Crazy Life," which delivers on all levels. Yes, Eleven Hundred Springs is back, and the band is better than ever.
The album begins with the title track "This Crazy Life," which is a surprisingly reflective and laid-back tune with superb lyrics about life on the open highway along with Eleven Hundred Springs usual top-notch production. "Great American Trainwreck" offers a timely analysis of the reality stars and D-list celebrities that are being enriched by their out-of-control behavior.

The best song on the album is the terrific "There's A Place For You." In a world filled with foreclosures and layoffs, "There's A Place For You" offers hope and happiness for the future. The traditional country "I'll Get On To Getting Over You Tomorrow" takes listeners back to a simpler time, and the pitch-perfect vocal performance dazzles on all levels.

"Get Through The Day" and "I'm In A Mellow Mood" are country gems that support Eleven Hundred Springs stated goal of helping take back country music from the grips of Nashville. But the album really gets rockin' with "Show Me The Money (Or I'll Show You The Door)," which has an infectiously catchy and hummable hook.

The album "This Crazy Life" offers stellar rockabilly-style country performances on "Straight To Bed" and "High On The Town" However, the biggest surprise on the project is "Some Things Go Together," which is a classic country masterpiece.

The album also offers penetrating social commentary in the lyrics. The love song "Honky Tonk Angels (Don't Happen Overnight)" is an ode to the secretly tender hearts of tough-looking barflies. "O.G. Blues" gives a sobering and thoughtful portrayal of the problems faced by men who can't seem to keep up with the latest iPad or other social trends.

Eleven Hundred Springs founders Steve Berg (bass) and Matt Hillyer (lead guitar and vocals) host The Country Jam Radio Show every Wednesday on  Dallas-Fort Worth's KHYI 95.3 The Range. Eleven Hundred Springs are workaholics, and it shows. Indeed, with music as good as this, Eleven Hundred Springs is bound to be living "this crazy life" on the country charts for the next couple of decades or so.