Lonestar Unleashes "Party Heard Around The World"

We received a copy of Lonestar's new album, "Party Heard Around The World," which drops at the end of March. The CD (pictured below) arrived in a sparkling, hand-addressed silver envelope (like an invitation to a party). Hats off to the publicity whiz who came up with this idea.
From the press materials, Lonestar appears to be reinventing themselves in a new and exciting way. After 18 years, Lonestar is still going strong. We haven't listened to the album yet in the Country Chart office, but we are excited about hearing it later today. Watch for the full review of Lonestar's "Party Heard Around The World" on CountryChart.com.

Track listing: 1) 'Beat (I Can Feel Your Heart)' 2) 'Live Laugh And Love' 3) 'She Wants What She Wants' 4) You're The Reason Why 5) 'Y.O.U.' 6) 'Making Memories' 7) 'Let Me Love You' 8) 'Goodbye Is Goodbye' 9) 'The Future' 10) 'Party Heard Around The World'
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