Single Review: Jody Booth "Gold Digger"

Jody Booth makes a bold and timely entry into the country music scene with his new single "Gold Digger," which has a winning, classic country sound and first class, traditional country lyrics. Radio stations should jump on the bandwagon and give this single an extra push as recent news reports regarding Tiger Woods provide particularly strong social relevance for "Gold Digger."

Booth, a native of Livingston, Texas, has a strong, country voice that oozes southern charm, and the singer's laid-back style and memorable lyrics will win him fans from every genre of country music. Aficionados of country music from around the country are eagerly awaiting his gritty, upcoming 12-song country tour de force titled "Heaven And Hell."

"Gold Digger" was written by Jody Booth, and the song seems to come from Booth's personal experience. "She's got a ten cent heart and a million dollar figure," Booth sings. "There ain't no doubt in my mind she's a gold digger."

Jody Booth's new single "Gold Digger" proves that this authentic country boy deserves serious radio attention and airplay for his well-produced new single. Jody Booth may hail from a small town, but his traditional Texas country music blend is ready for the big time.