It's "Good To Be" Backyard Tire Fire - New Album With 11 Songs Set For February Release

Backyard Tire Fire never fails to impress, and the band is back! The new album "Good To Be" is set to be released in February on the band's Kelsey Street Records label. Los Lobos' Steve Berlin produced the album and joins in on every track of "Good To Be."

"Good to Be" is a culmination of guitarist/vocalist, Ed Anderson’s thirteen year journey on the road of rock and roll. For the band’s fifth full length release, Backyard Tire Fire delivers an album full of working-man songs that provide an upbeat, glass half full approach to life. Drawing on inspiration from everyday events, Anderson weaves his way through the fabric of life making a patchwork of eleven songs that bear the message of empathy, humanity and hope.

Over their eight year career as a band, Backyard Tire Fire has created a presence in the music world that is hard to ignore. The trio boasts an impressive roster of celebrity fans. Reverend Horton Heat’s Jim Heath calls Backyard Tire Fire “one of the best and coolest bands out there.” “My favorite band right now is Backyard Tire Fire and they sometimes remind me of early Wilco, Son Volt and Flaming Lips—they are my earworms these last few months,” adds Johnny Hickman of Cracker.

The current Backyard Tire Fire lineup is Ed Anderson (guitar & vocals), Matt Anderson (bass & vocals) and Tim Kramp (drums). The band will kick off a national tour in February 2010, with dates to be announced soon. Two preview tracks from the record have been posted to the band’s MySpace page.

Track listing for "Good To Be"
1. Road Song #39 2. Ready or Not 3. Learning to Swim 4. Brady 5. Food for Thought 6. Estelle 7.Hell & Back 8. Good to Be 9. A Thousand Gigs Ago 10. Piss & Moan 11. Once Upon a Time