Review: Clint Martin "Proven"

On the cover of his new album "Proven." Clint Martin looks like a cowboy facing down the man he's about to meet in a gunfight. But the person he's actually targeting is you. In fact, he's daring you to buy his CD and give it a spin.

Clint Martin was born into a South Central Texas family cattle operation, and he's a country boy through and through. His love of music started at an early age, and Clint Martin's music career began after he discovered his passion for Red Dirt music. The rest, as they say, is history, and even country music star Jamie Richards said Martin has "country in his soul."

"Proven" begins with the traditional country track "Another Time Another Place." Martin offers laid-back vocals that are as comfortable as your favorite pair of boots. The pace picks up with the bluegrass-infused "Rest Of His Life," and "Satisfied" showcases Clint Martin's traditional country roots.

The best songs on the album are the slower ballads. Clint Martin offers a subtle and satisfying vocal performance on "We'll See," which could be a mainstream country chart hit. It has a beautiful melody and lyrics that will strike a chord with country music fans everywhere. "The Lady She Is" is an upbeat country love song that radio will eat up like Rotel cheese dip at the station Christmas party.

The biggest surprise on "Proven" is "Old Time Old #7 Whiskey," which is a mixture of outlaw country and southern rock. "West Side Of The Tracks" offers beautiful instrumentation and traditional country lyrics. Other successful songs include: "Dallas," "Blue," "32 Men" and "Love Run Wild."

Clint Martin is a country boy who's daring music fans to take a heaping dose of his traditional country music mixed with Texas charm. Once you do, you'll be hooked. Indeed, "Proven" has more than "proven" that Clint Martin is one of the best new Red Dirt acts in the Lone Star State.