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iTunes Top 200 Country Music Songs 2022 - UPDATED - Hot 40 Country Digital MP3 - Top 100 Downloads Singles Chart

This is the iTunes Top Country Music Songs Chart of online downloaded country music MP3 songs right now in the iTunes Store and digital music retailers like Amazon. You will also find the Apple Music Radio Singles Country Chart, the Free Country Song Downloads chart and the Country MP3 Singles Chart which list the top new tracks in country music from your favorite country artists. - UPDATED! The Country Songs Chart for iTunes, MP3, Radio and Streaming is published daily by CountryChart.com and updated hourly. The chart is also published weekly by Country Chart Magazine. The iTunes and Apple Music Songs Chart includes the top country music singles played by country radio, and the Country Song Downloads Chart highlights the hottest music being purchased right now by country fans. You will also find links to the top free downloads of country music songs and country albums on iTunes and Amazon. Radio singles and song chart position are very important to country music artists. In fac

CMA Broadcast Nominees 2009 Awards - Full and Complete List of Country Music Association Radio Personality Awards Including Radio Station Of The Year & Broadcast Personality Of The Year For Major, Large, Medium & Small Markets

Today, Chuck Wicks announced the nominees for the Country Music Association's 2009 CMA Broadcast Awards.

The most watched award will include Bob Kingsley, Lia Knight and Kix Brooks for the title of National CMA Broadcaster of the Year. This is the first nomination for Brooks, who is half of the duo, Brooks & Dunn. 

All of the award winners will be notified in mid-October, and they will be acknowledged during the broadcast of the Country Music Association's CMA 2009 Awards show on ABC Television (November 11).

  1. “American Country Countdown” (Kix Brooks) – Citadel Media 
  2. Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40” (Bob Kingsley) – KCCS Productions, Inc. 
  3. The Lia Show” (Lia Knight)  – Dial Global
*Major Market
  1. “The All New Dr. Don Morning Show with Doc, Grunwald, Rachael, and Jason” (Don Carpenter, Steve Grunwald, Rachael Hunter, Jason “The 300 Pound Cowboy” Raithel) – WYCD, Detroit, Mich. 
  2. “Cliff and Company: Cliff, Morgan, Tanner, and Tori” (Cliff Dumas, Morgan Thomas, Bill Tanner, Tori Peck) – KSON, San Diego, Calif. 
  3. “The Cornbread Morning Show featuring Cornbread, Pat James, Producer Annie, Father Harry, and Captain Mac” (Cornbread, Pat James, Annie Henson, Harry Schroeder, Mac “Captain Mac” Douglas) – WIL, St. Louis, Mo. 
  4. “The Laurie De Young Morning Show” (Laurie De Young) – WPOC, Baltimore, Md. 
  5. “Paul Schadt and Sarah in the Morning” (Paul Schadt, Sarah Waters) – WKKT, Charlotte, N.C.
*Large Market 
  1. “Bucky & Bob: The Talk of Austin” (Bucky Godbolt, Bob Cole) – KVET, Austin, Texas 
  2. “Chris Carr & Company” – (Chris Carr, Jeffrey “Maverick” Bolen, Jason Statt) – WUBE, Cincinnati, Ohio 
  3. “Jeff Roper in the Morning” (Jeff Roper, Angie Ward, Adam “Flash” Dellinger) – WTQR, Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point, N.C. 
  4. “Jim Denny and Friends” (Jim Denny, Deborah Honeycutt, Kevin Freeman) – WFMS, Indianapolis, Ind. 
  5. “Karen, Scott and Radar…The Moo Crew” (Karen Dalessandro, Scott Dolphin, Tony “Radar” Hess) – WMIL, Milwaukee-Racine, Wis.
*Medium Market 
  1.  “The 97 Country Breakfast Club with Roger, Tom, and Melissa” (Roger Todd, Tom O’Brien, Melissa Moran) – WPCV, Lakeland, Fla. 
  2. “Brian and Kellie Morning Show” (Brian Pierce, Kellie Michaels) – KFDI, Wichita, Kan.  
  3. “The Kat 103 Morning Show with Steve Lundy, Gina, and Craig (Steve Lundy, Gina Melton, Craig Allen) – KXKT, Omaha, Neb. 
  4. “Tom & Becky in the Morning” (Tom Owens, Becky Palmer) – WBBS, Syracuse, N.Y.
  5. “WIVK at Night with Jack Ryan” (Jack Ryan) – WIVK, Knoxville, Tenn.
*Small Market
  1. “Barrett, Fox & Berry” (Bill Barrett, Tim Fox, Tracy Berry) – KKNU, Eugene, Ore. 
  2. “Bearman and Ken in the Morning” (Benny “Bearman” Martin, Ken Hicks) – WUSY, Chattanooga, Tenn.
  3. “Gator & The StyckMan” (Gator Harrison, Greg “StyckMan” Owens) – WGSQ, Cookeville, Tenn. 
  4. “Mee in the Morning” (Kevin Mee, Brenda Mee) – KIZN, Boise, Idaho 
  5. “Middays with Philip Gibbons” (Philip Gibbons) – WGSQ, Cookeville, Tenn.
*Major Market
  1. KMPS – Seattle/Tacoma, Wash.
  2. KYGO – Denver/Boulder, Colo.
  3. WPOC – Baltimore, Md.
  4. WUSN – Chicago, Ill.
  5. WYCD – Detroit, Mich.
*Large Market
  1. KAJA – San Antonio, Texas
  2. KASE – Austin, Texas
  3. WQDR – Raleigh, N.C.
  4. WTQR – Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point, N.C.
  5. WUBE – Cincinnati, Ohio
*Medium Market
  1. KSSN – Little Rock, Ark.
  2. KUZZ – Bakersfield, Calif.
  3. KXKT – Omaha, Neb.
  4. WBBS – Syracuse, N.Y.
  5. WGNA – Albany/Schenectady/Troy, N.Y.
*Small Market
  1. WAXX – Eau Claire, Wis. 
  2. WBKR – Owensboro, Ky. 
  3. WKSF – Asheville, N.C. 
  4. WUSY – Chattanooga, Tenn. 
  5. WYCT – Pensacola, Fla.