Review: Yim Yames (Jim James from My Morning Jacket) "Tribute To" EP

Jim James of My Morning Jacket offers a raw and sincere tribute to George Harrison with the stellar new EP "Tribute To." Recording under the name, Yim Yames, he covers two tunes from the Beatles and four tracks from Harrison's "All Things Pass" in a masterful performance that will be remembered for years to come.

The EP starts strong with the beautiful, understated "Long Long Long." The voice of Yim Yames has an ethereal quality that brings the lyrics into crisp focus. The multi-layered vocals on "Long Long Long" are highly effective, and sometimes Yim Yames sings in a whisper. It is almost like Yim Yames is telling you - and only you - a guarded secret in the most melodic way possible.

The pace picks up slightly with "Behind That Locked Door" The quiet intensity in the voice of Yim Yames indicates that the artist feels a special kinship and affection for George Harrison. "Love To You" has a great country vibe and features superb instrumentation.

"My Sweet Lord" shows the spiritual side of Harrison channeled through Yim Yames. This passionate track was a hit for Harrison on both sides of the Atlantic, and Yim Yames offers a respectful and effective cover that will be appreciated by fans of both Harrison and My Morning Jacket.

But the best track on the EP is "Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)." The true artistry of Yim Yames comes into sharp focus, and he is at the height of his musical powers on this amazing display of musical talent. Fittingly, "Tribute To" ends with the classic "All Things Must Pass." This track has a minimalist sound that frames the lyrics perfectly.

With "Tribute To," Yim Yames has truly created an artistic work that is a worthy reminder of the significance of the musical contributions of George Harrison. At the same time, Yim Yames has also carved out a special contribution on his own that deserves to be celebrated in its own right.