Review: Shane Howard Band "Out Of Control"

Shane Howard likes to talk about his tiny hometown of Riesel, Texas near Waco. No doubt, this small town of less than a thousand people gave Shane Howard hundreds of song ideas. For instance, the bluesy track "Rumors Fly" is appropriate for any resident of small town America.

Riesel gave Shane Howard a good childhood, and the life lessons he learned in Riesel have been set to music in the Shane Howard Band's new album "Out Of Control." Howard pays tribute to his town in the appropriately titled "My Town." He sings: "You ain't been nowhere until you've been to my town."

The title track "Out Of Control" shows the Shane Howard Band is an interesting mixture of Texas country and rock. Howard's music and vocals show that he has been influenced by a diverse group of musicians, ranging from 80s hair bands to Red Dirt. Shane Howard's vocal performance is intense, and, as a singer-songwriter, he feels every lyric.

The best song on the album is the terrific "1953," which chronicles the destructive Waco tornado of that year. Shane Howard carefully researched the storm, and the result is a Texas music classic. This track is carefully produced, and the Shane Howard Band should release a whole album of similar material. "1953" deserves to receive major airplay on Texas radio.

The Shane Howard Band's obvious devotion to its musical craft, and the band's decision to honor its hometown makes "Out Of Control" a winner. To get to the next level in the music business, it really only takes one great song. Something good emerged from that terrifying tornado, because "1953' might just be that song.