Review: Seth James "That Kind Of Man"

Let's be honest, Seth James seems like a tough guy. On his new album cover, Seth James has the expression of a man looking for the guy who stole his wife. In reality, Seth James is looking for you - yes you. He's daring you to pick up his CD, and give it a spin. If you do, you'll be instantly hooked on "That Kind Of Man."

The Texas musical pedigree of Seth James is as solid as they come. His grandfather was a honky-tonk pianist from the 1940s to the 1950s and his dad an accomplished drummer who gave his son his first guitar (a Gibson Southern Jumbo). Seth James' musical skills are put to good use on the rockin' first track "Thing For You," which has a great Phil Vassar meets Stoney LaRue vibe.
The current radio single "Leaves Of September" introduces Seth James' strong, rich country voice. Two songs he co-wrote showcase his soulful pipes even more. The bluesy "Cigarettes, Anger And Wine" is terrific, and the love song "Again" shows an authentic and passionate intensity.
The biggest surprise on the album is "It Ain't Me." This song offers heartfelt lyrics and a vocal performance that is reminiscent of a Texas country Ray Charles. But the best cut on the album is the hard-rocking "Two For Tuesday." This Texas country anthem was made for radio, and it's destined to be a major country chart hit for Seth James.
Wichita Falls should be awfully proud of native son Seth James, because the country singer's new album "That Kind Of Man" contains the best, soulful Texas country music you've ever heard. So pick up the CD or download the album. You won't be disappointed. Plus, you seriously don't want to get on Seth James' bad side.