Review: Kendel Carson “Alright Dynamite”

Kendel Carson is a beautiful blonde with a gorgeous, Americana voice. For the last two years, she's performed all over North America and Europe following the release of "Rearview Mirror Tears." And if Kendel Carson's unique blend of rock and country won't get you going, absolutely nothing will. This woman is destined for great things, and her new album "Alright Dynamite" proves it.

The album begins with the sultry "Oh Baby Lie Down," which has a killer melody, compelling harmony and soft instrumentation. It's followed by the terrific, upbeat "Belt Buckle" which shows the influence of Americana giants like Lucinda Williams. However, "Alright Dynamite" really hits its stride with the tender "Lady K." The song begins softly and builds to a mesmerizing crescendo.

Kendel Carson is not your ordinary 24-year-old woman. Her remarkable voice has a raw passion and energy, and it's obvious she's an "old soul" with wisdom beyond her years. "Cowboy Boots" is a good example of this. In the hands of virtually any other artist, this song would fall flat. But with the capable talents of Kendel Carson, "Cowboy Boots" is a musical triumph.

The biggest surprise on the album is the rockin' country cut "Submarine" with an infectious chorus, inspiring guitar solo and bold vocals. However, the best song on the album is the simple Americana track "One Blue Dress On The Line." This song is an amazing achievement, and Kendel Carson offers a Grammy-worthy performance in one of the best Americana songs of the year.

Kendel Carson's lack of a super-sized ego and authentic personality come across in her music, and it's crystal clear this classically trained young woman loves her craft. "Alright Dynamite" is a music lover's dream with multiple layers of Americana goodness. It's hard to imagine future Americana albums being as good as "Alright Dynamite." But if anyone can do it, it's the musical firecracker herself.