Review: Kelly Carmichael "Queen Fareena"

Kelly Carmichael's new album "Queen Fareena" is a blues and dixieland delight with superb instrumentation, excellent lyrics and an upbeat tone. In fact, doctors should prescribe "Queen Fareena," because even the most depressed listener cannot help but break into a great big smile.
The brilliance of "Queen Fareena" is derived from the joyous intensity of Kelly Carmichael's vocals and guitar along with Jean-Paul Gaster's expertise on drums and a talented crew of brass musicians. One of the best tunes on the album is "Untrue Blues." This song could be a major radio hit with its melodic chorus and a perfect balance of instrumentation and vocals.

The biggest surprise on the album is the more easy-going track "She's Funny That Way." Carmichael's vocal performance shows a serious intensity without being overdone, and the track slowly builds to a crescendo with a perfect pacing that is both satisfying and musically impressive.

The eleven tracks on "Queen Fareena" prove that Kelly Carmichael is in top form. In fact, listeners can look forward to hours of pleasure, because this album allows you to imagine yourself on a Delta riverboat. And in these tough economic times, a trip aboard "Queen Fareena" might be the best value vacation anybody can find.