Review: Kat Moore Band “Big Texas Sky”

It's clear that The Kat Moore Band treasures the lasting legacy of country music legends, and the band's debut, "Big Texas Sky," embraces classic country and adds a unique, rockin', bluesy vibe that captivates listeners from beginning to end.
Lewisville, Texas native Kat Moore was raised by musician parents and has been a fixture on stages across Texas (especially in Dallas-Fort Worth) since the age of 11. The years of experience show in Moore's confident vocal performance on "Big Texas Sky." Kat Moore is a singer whose voice demands attention, and her band's album is especially relevant because it will broaden the minds of listeners who have a more narrow view of the definition of country music. The message of the album is clear: The Kat Moore Band loves to have fun playing country music with a little added rock and blues, and the band wants you to have a good time, too.

The album starts off strong with the catchy honky tonk track "Roll With Me" with great vocals and some fine piano instrumentation. "Without You" and "Hard To Let Go" explore love and loss. The title track "Big Texas Sky" offers beautiful harmony and thoughtful lyrics.

But the album really picks up steam with the fine track "Dance All Night." This is a sparkling cut that is deserving of the widespread radio airplay it has received. But the biggest surprise on the album is the terrific new single "Let's Make It Up." This is a classic country track that is performed with passionate intensity. Kat Moore feels these lyrics in her soul. "Let's Make It Up" deserves to be a country chart hit.

The most socially relevant song on the album is "Bruises And Broken Dreams." The song's lyrics focus a bright light on the problem of domestic abuse. This is a story in song that tears at the heart strings and should provide comfort to women who are (or have been) in this tragic situation. "I Cry" also explores a different form of heartache in a refreshingly honest way.

Another standout track is "Love Is Never Easy." This song shows The Kat Moore Band at its best. The melody is memorable and the band's musicianship is superb. Kat Moore's husband, Dave Moore, leads the band, and he is a talented musician in his own right.

The tune "No Friend Of Mine" is the hardest rockin' country track on "Big Texas Sky." Once again, The Kat Moore Band spotlights a problem with a man from a female perspective. The importance of relationship troubles being viewed from the woman's point of view is very unusual in the Red Dirt and Texas music genre. So The Kat Moore Band has a unique place in Texas music. The album is rounded out with the beautiful "Thank You" and "Love Is Never Easy."

"Big Texas Sky" shows The Kat Moore Band is truly something special with a unique perspective that is uncommon among Texas country musicians. Combine that with the band's superior instrumentation, Kat Moore's sizzling vocals and a knack for writing socially relevant songs, and you've got a band that is going to have to get used to seeing the sky in places outside of Texas as the The Kat Moore Band's career continues to get bigger and bigger.