Review: Jackson Taylor & The Sinners “Aces ‘N Eights”

Jackson Taylor & The Sinners new album “Aces ‘N Eights” is a deliciously confident and bold Texas music triumph that harkens back to the great outlaw country albums of years gone by.

Taylor is a classic country, honky-tonk star because he brings a gritty realism and blue-collar authenticity to his country tales of love and loss. Jackson Taylor is a storyteller in the tradition of Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. This is meat and potatoes country, and it's darn good eatin'.
“Aces ‘N Eights” begins with the terrific "Back On The Bottle" which is a breezy and laid-back ode to country music's love affair with booze and whiskey. Jackson Taylor & The Sinners know how to rock, and they prove it with the superb "Ball And Chain," "Country Song," and "Highway 101." But the band's star shines brightest on the melodic "Barefeet On The Dash" and the classic country track "Sex, Love & Texas."

However, Jackson Taylor & The Sinners finest moments can actually be found on their more tender songs, and this is a major surprise. "Sunset" is one of the most beautiful Texas love songs of the last ten years, and the title song “Aces ‘N Eights” has to be a tune that even Wade Bowen wishes he had written. This is followed by the track "Easy Lovin' Stranger" which has a great Eagles meets Alan Jackson vibe.

Jackson Taylor & The Sinners have created a classic Texas album that will be enjoyed by fans of pure-bred country music for years to come. So if sinning sounds this good, here's hoping Jackson Taylor & The Sinners don't travel the straight and narrow for at least a couple of decades or so.