Review: Grant Langston "Stand Up Man"

Grant Langston is an enigma. He has the sardonic wit of David Sedaris and the musical sensibilities of a combination of Ryan Adams and Waylon Jennings. Surprisingly, it works. Indeed, this Alabama native turned Los Angeles musician has created his own unique blend of rock and irreverant country. Sure, there are hundreds of rockabilly music acts across the United States, but Grant Langston and his band, The Supermodels, are different from all of them.

The album begins with the title track "Stand Up Man," which is reminiscent of early Dwight Yoakum songs. "Stand Up Man" is a carefully produced and melodic track that shows Grant Langston is no musical lightweight. It's followed by the terrific "Burt Reynolds Movie Brawl" which should be immediately released to Texas country radio. "Burt Reynolds Movie Brawl" has the potential to be a Number One Texas country chart hit. Country fans will eat it up like homemade vanilla ice cream at a church social.

Another standout song is "Shiner Bock And Vicodin," which has lyrics that can be taken as a humorous romp or serious social commentary that is particularly relevant following the deaths of Billy Mays, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and DJ AM. The track "30 Days" is full of what Grant Langston calls his biting "witticisms" such as his no-holds-barred message to the woman who left him: "I don't miss the meals you cooked us. I'm pretty handy with a pan."

The best song on the album is the fast-paced, classic country track "Damn Good Day." It's impossible not to break into a great big smile when you hear Grant Langston spewing out lyrics faster than the Barenaked Ladies with a traditional country melody. "Call Your Bluff" also deserves special notice for its brutal honesty as tells Grant Langston proceeds to tell his woman exactly what he thinks of her.

By the way, Grant Langston's pricing structure for his new album "Stand Up Man" must be seen to be believed. The prices range from a free download of the entire album (for a limited time) when you join his mailing list to a $10,000 package that includes, among other things, a CD, an iPod and a concert in your own backyard with Grant Langston and his band.

After glowing reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, Grant Langston might be well on is way to world domination. In all seriousness, the musical wit of Grant Langston does deserve critical praise. And with music and lyrics as captivating as the twelve songs found on "Stand Up Man," ten thousand dollars for a backyard concert with Grant Langston and the band is quite a bargain. Plus, he accepts PayPal.