Review: Collin Raye “Never Going Back”

After a long and successful music career including fifteen number one country chart singles, Collin Raye could certainly afford to retire. But his new album, "Never Going Back," proves that Collin Raye's best days are yet to come.

The title track, "Never Going Back," presents Collin Raye's vocals in fine form. On this song, Collin Raye has combined his signature sound with a little Don Henley light rock that suits him well. But the next two songs, "Take Care Of You" and "Don't Tell Me," are sincere and nurturing. They mark a return to the Collin Raye style that is known and loved around the world.

The biggest surprise on the album is Collin Raye's beautiful and heartfelt Christian song "The Cross." This track is the best Christian country song since "Three Wooden Crosses" from Randy Travis. The memorable melody, touching story and stellar vocals create a true musical treat. Likewise, the uplifting "The Only Jesus" offers the album's best vocal performance by Collin Raye. However, the personal track "She's With Me" is easily the most memorable cut.

The rockin' current radio single "Mid Life Chrysler" deserves to be a major country chart hit. The bold lyrics and hard-edge country sound create a toe-tapping classic. Just this song alone proves that Collin Raye has only gotten better as his voice has matured. Throughout the years, Collin Raye has shown us glimpses of his personality in his brilliant songs, but "Never Going Back" is the most revealing of his career. Plus, it shows that he's comfortable in his own skin.

The song lyrics on "Never Going Back" prove that Collin Raye is not afraid to let us know about his own insecurities, deep love for his family or overflowing affection for God. Indeed, the album's title signals that Collin Raye has moved to a new chapter in his life. And in no uncertain terms, Collin Raye is telling us that he's "Never Going Back." With an album this good, that's fine with us.