Review: Buster Jiggs "Heartache Jubilee"

Buster Jiggs is no ordinary Texas country band. This uniquely-named group from Hondo, Texas is releasing its first album for Fort Worth's Smith Entertainment titled "Heartache Jubilee." With a female lead singer and a band mascot consisting of a little red devil playing guitar, Texas music fans will find that Buster Jiggs' new album offers classic Red Dirt musical stylings along with a devilish sense of fun.

The band formed ten years ago with a male lead singer, and Kristen Muennink only became Buster Jiggs' lead singer in 2007. Her husband, Scott, is the band's drummer. "Heartache Jubilee" begins with "She's Gonna Break Your Heart." Kristen offers a rich, full-bodied Red Dirt vocal performance that is never forced. Texas music rarely offers exceptional female solo artists or lead singers, and Kristen's fine vocals set Buster Jiggs apart from the current crop of Texas bands.

"Addicted To You" is an infectious musical treat that puts the talented musicians in the band on full display. "Ain't It Sweet" is an immensely pleasing, traditional country song, but the album really picks up with the rockin' country tracks "You Don't Have To Be Lonely" and "Once Again."

The biggest surprise on the album is the Americana song "Pretty White Wings." This song has an ethereal quality that totally encompasses the listener. The lyrics, vocals and instrumentation are perfectly tailored into a tight musical package that might prove to be a chart hit on Americana radio. "Heart Of Mine" and the roadhouse-style "Down Country Loving" also have definite radio potential.

The best song on the album is the hard rockin' "Madhouse." This track has a fast beat, stellar guitar solo and flawless vocal harmonies from the lead singer and Heath Childs. Radio program managers should take notice of "Madhouse," which also showcases bass player Cody Scherer. The cut "When I'm Dreaming" and "Everything You Need" also deserve special attention from radio.

Buster Jiggs' new album "Heartbreak Jubilee" will take Texas music aficionados completely by surprise with its disarming sense of fun combined with a talented band, outstanding vocals and tight production. Buster Jiggs is so sinfully good that you'll definitely need to go to church twice a week after you've been sucked in by the seductive charms of Buster Jiggs.