Review: Ben Mallott “Look Good, Feel Good”

Type the term "up and coming" in Google and the search result should produce a picture of Ben Mallott. This Americana and folk wunderkind has produced one of the finest albums of the year with his terrific new project "Look Good, Feel Good."
Besides the tight production and instrumentation, the key to the success of Ben Mallot's "Look Good, Feel Good" lies in the artist's piercing lyrics and heartfelt vocals. The album starts off strong with the melodic "Heartbreaks," which is performed in a brilliantly laid-back style. It is followed by a guest appearance from Eliza Gilkyson on the superb "Shotgun Suzy."

Ben Mallott could have a big Texas country chart hit with "Cold Feet," which shows the Austin, Texas musician can rock the honky tonk crowd along with his base of Americana and folk fans. But the best two tracks on the album are the anthemic "Leaving" and the heartfelt "Over Time."

On the cover of "Look Good, Feel Good," Mallott has a very interesting, almost mischievous expression. You see, Ben Mallott is like an underrated fisherman. New listeners may be expecting a run-of-the-mill album, but Ben Mallott's music will hook you, reel you in and won't let you go. So grab a CD, turn up the volume and get ready for a big ole, feel-good surprise.