Review: Stephanie Briggs - Birds Barely Know Us

Stephanie Briggs "Birds Barely Know Us" is a uniquely wonderful, Texas folk-Americana album that never fails to surprise or impress from the first song to the last. Although the music of this New Braunfels, Texas native is difficult to categorize, Stephanie Briggs has more than her fair share of country fans, including Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers and Cody Canada of Cross Canadian Ragweed.

"Don't Come Calling" is the album's most compelling track and has the feel of an indie-rock anthem with rock-solid vocals by Briggs in a song she wrote. The tough lyrics and passionate delivery combine to create a memorable musical experience. Briggs doesn't pull any punches: "Don't see me don't touch me / Don't act like you can fix this dear."
One of the best tracks on the album is "Difficult Positions" which has a Tori Amos meets Bjork vibe that is refreshingly eclectic. Likewise, "Mix Tape" showcases Briggs as an artist with musical skills reminiscent of an early Suzanne Vega. Make no mistake, Stephanie Briggs is one talented musician.

While all the tracks on the album are successful, the contest for "best song on the album" is definitely a two-horse race between the aforementioned "Don't Come Calling" and the ethereal final cut, "Looks Like This Is My Motivation." The winner is "Looks Like This Is My Motivation," which is the perfect example of a song and artist meant for each other. With its haunting vocals and sparse instrumentation, this cut is a beautiful display of musicianship that should win Briggs new fans from a wide constituency of music lovers.

Stephanie Briggs is a unique and talented singer-songwriter with a fresh perspective. Indeed, Stephanie Briggs album, "Birds Barely Know Us" deserves a look by country music fans who are willing to expand their musical horizons to include a mixture of Americana and folk. It's no wonder both Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers are Stephanie Briggs' fans.