Review: Mo Robson Band - Live At Adair's Saloon: Deep Ellum, Texas

The Mo Robson Band is one hard-working group of Dallas guys. For almost a decade, Mo and the boys have been crisscrossing America with their hard-driving brand of Texas country music. And the 16 songs on "Live At Adair's Saloon: Deep Ellum, Texas" fully capture the magic of the band's hugely popular live shows while delivering top-notch production and pitch-perfect vocals.

The album starts strong with the traditional country songs "Walkin' In My Shoes" and "Jim Beam Whiskey." But the live album at Dallas' famed Adair's Saloon really begins to hit its stride with the third song, the terrific Red Dirt track "First One To Go." This is followed by the memorable Texas music cut "Even Angels Fall."

The Mo Robson Band's third album also features the song "Rolling Down This Highway," which is a genuinely roadworthy, Texas music masterpiece. The diversity of the Mo Robson Band - or MRB as they are affectionately known by fans -  is clearly illustrated on songs like "Adios, Goodbye" and the traditional remake of Social Distortion's "Ball And Chain."

The two best tracks on the live album are "Good Morning Warden" and "Amarillo Sand." The two songs are both almost seven minutes each and fully showcase the band at their best. "Good Morning, Warden" is a little bit Chris Knight mixed with some Jason Boland. It's a "must-have" addition to your MP3 player or iPod.

The Mo Robson Band's "Live At Adair's Saloon" also features two bonus studio cuts, including the new single "Gettin' Gone." This track is reminiscent of the type of music Waylon Jennings would be producing if he were living in today's country music marketplace. And that's a high compliment, indeed. This song is destined for a long run on the country music charts. The other studio track, "Mitchell Stone," tells the hard-luck story of a friend who has hit rough times.

The Mo Robson Band plays 200 concert dates a year, so it's amazing the band had time to craft a live album this good. Indeed, "Live At Adair's Saloon" is actually a tribute to all of the fans who have sold out hundreds Mo Robson Band shows at honky-tonks, bars and venues across Texas (and beyond) over the last decade. With the new fans that are bound to discover the Mo Robson Band with "Live At Adair's Saloon," you better get your MRB tickets early next time around.