Review: Kyle Park - Anywhere In Texas

Plain and simple, Kyle Park can sing. This country boy's new album "Anywhere In Texas" is just as irreverent and powerful as his mischievous Texas grin and confident posture on the album's cover suggest it will be. Indeed, Park's second album "Anywhere In Texas" boldly announces a new Texas music star vying for dominance with the likes of Jason Boland, Randy Rogers and Stoney LaRue. That's good company.

Kyle Park is first and foremost a brilliant songwriter, and he has written or co-written all 12 songs on the album. Park's tunes are universally melodic with bold, yet personal lyrics. Hard working men and country women can easily identify with his songs. For instance, "Cold In Colorado" shows Kyle Park in top form, and the chorus has a killer hook.

Kyle Park's current Texas Music Chart hit single, "Don't Look," is a memorable song that deserves all of the accolades it has received. But the best song on the album is the sentimental final cut titled "These Days." On this track, Kyle Park produces a pitch-perfect, yet understated vocal performance that perfectly suits the song.

However, the real secret to Kyle Park's success on the album "Anywhere In Texas" is his pure country voice that is easily identifiable on country radio. "Tossin' And Turning" illustrates Park's vocal skill with a simple lyric and melody that hits on all cylinders. "Baby I'm Gone" and "Day By Day" follow the same winning formula. Another successful cut is a song Park co-wrote with Wade Bowen, "A Woman Like You."

The biggest surprise on "Anywhere In Texas" is the moving love song "Living Room Loving." This song could be a major mainstream country radio chart hit. Moreover, the hard-driving "First Day Of Summer" is a potential Texas country radio hit that should be released to Texas radio a few weeks before summer.

It's no wonder Kyle Park has a mischievous smile on the cover of his excellent new album "Anywhere In Texas." That's because he knows a secret that other people are just beginning to find out. You see, Kyle Park believes he's the best new country artist anywhere in Texas. And, you know what, he is.