Review: Dean Seltzer - Lady Luck

Dean Seltzer describes his music as "high energy, obnoxious, redneck rock 'n roll." Well, he couldn't have said it better, because Seltzer's terrific new album titled "Lady Luck" is a hard-driving, rockin' amalgamation of Red Dirt and traditional country that is bound to make Dean Seltzer the biggest new Texas music star this year.

Dean Seltzer's vocals pop with emotion and intensity on his new single titled "Anyway," which offers a memorable (and hummable) melody and catchy lyrics. This was the perfect choice for Seltzer's first single, as evidenced by the fast rise of "Anyway" on Texas country radio.
The one thing you should know about Dean Seltzer is that he is honest to a fault. In his unofficial bio, Seltzer says: "Like any male musician on the planet, I started playing guitar and singing to pick up girls." And it is this no-holds-barred authenticity that makes this album so successful on tracks like "Version Of The Truth" and "Meteor Shower."

Dean Seltzer wrote or co-wrote five of the album's eleven songs, including the best cut on the album, "Beatle Song." This song has a smooth beat, confident vocals and should be album's second single. "Beatle Song" should be released at the start of summer, because this Dean Seltzer track is destined to be a massive summer hit.

Seltzer shows his more vulnerable side with the deadly serious cut "Huntsville (Life On Death Row)" and the melancholy "Gen 5." But it is on the song "No Way No How" where Dean Seltzer proves that he has the chops to forge a long-term, mainstream country career.
It appears Lady Luck did indeed smile upon Dean Seltzer, because the album "Lady Luck" is an enviable showcase of country talent. But luck can only take you so far, so it's a good thing that this country boy's hard work and keen musical skills are the things that are going to take him to the top.